“My works are three dimensional and extend to other dimensions. Using the free and critical spirit of the Dadaists, my assemblages are actually phrases and stanzas of different stories of a city. It can connote social imbalance, prostitution, slavery, historicism, post-truth, and more. Synthesizing linguistics, grammar, and the ready-made, they resulted in tectonic poetry. I would like the viewers not to see my works as forms but read them as if they are a set of texts with additions, omissions, alterations, and even transgressions; a set of palimpsest or a microcosm of a mutating city. “


Walther Ocampo is an architect-visual artist-pedagogue. For him architecture and art act in an alchemic relationship where both can be used as platforms for philosophical
and theoretical synthesis. He has a profound interest in the language of geometry in nature and the complex relationship of things and phenomena. He uses various inquiry tools (dialectics, tetralectics, metaphysics, deconstruction) in navigating the said complexities.

In both architecture and art, he is exploring new artistic and theoretical directions through speculations, transgressions, oppositions, fragmentations, diagramming,
and reconstructions. This endeavour manifests in radical drawings, installation art, assemblage, painting, and macrophotography.

He has exhibited at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, Gateway Gallery, School of Design and Arts DLS-CSB Benilde,
and Raffles Design Institute.

He is the founding director of The Brown Bauhaus Alternative School of Architecture and Art and co-founder of The Authenticity Zero Collective.
His perpendicular platforms for architecture and art are teaching and gardening.