“Cirilo Bautista’s words were images. Around the time we started working on the zine,
Cos was doing a Brocka, de Leon et al. marathon in the studio. It was impossible to ignore how Bautista’s palm tree and gun-blest womencould easily be characters in the films’
politically charged narratives.

We decided to take close-range shots of the faces of female characters in the films we were watching. We were able to get a variety of expressions that we then matched to select lines from
Sunlight on Broken Stones. This kind of cross-pollination was surprisingly easy. To my mind,
it can be an indication that underneath the valour and rage, the revolution is female. “

“I want the viewers to see my work as a kind of atemporal collage of accounts of Manila. A self-setting time traveling device. The challenge of this project, curiously, was finding time. While days have slowed down to many, ours are largely unchanged. Don’t be fooled by the movie marathon haha! Playing movies, especially ones we’ve already seen,
is like playing music to work to. “

“Working these days entails a lot of internal conditioning. The pandemic, together with the looming threat of the anti-terror Law, makes it difficult to focus. I suppose we are able to stay productive because despite the anxiety, we don’t feel completely hopeless.
The tools I used for the zine were purposeful appropriation and Photoshop.

This project offered an opportunity for collaboration.
I think this is the first for me and Cos, as Tropikalye.”