“What better way to (re)introduce Cirilo Bautista to people but by extending his stories of social conflict and privilege in three parts:

(1) from words recalling the past to
(2) pictures depicting the present, and thereafter,
(3) to reality.

As he said, since the start, our wounds, after all, have only dried but not healed.”

Being an aspiring architect, Tricia’s enjoyment of wandering grew from mere people watching to investigating them and their space. With her inclination
for photography, she would take shots of people and their surroundings,
in mid-action, aiming for a subtle hint of emotion and movement.

Taking photos using her parents’ cameras when she was a child, Triccia regained her passion for photography in college during an elective class. In 2017, she gave her curiosity of non-digital photography another try and has since been shooting
using film.