“The reading of Mr. Bautista’s work, even just twenty pages of it, is like viewing a huge tapestry on the wall of a Vatican museum. It beguiles and intoxicates.

On nights when I would pick up his trilogy, it felt like spinning a globe and letting your thoughts run wherever your finger lands.”

“I used certain words, the harder to understand and the more challenging ones, as starting points.

From there I chose definitions and images that arose in my mind, searched on the web or through my collections and interpreted them as collage work.

As part of the image the text was very important, not just context for the artwork. Text as Image.”

“Because Mr. Bautista’s work is more like a feeling that comes in waves, read, reread, read it backwards, read it forward, read in jumps, read slowly, read fast.

This zine or probably this whole collection of zines is best approached that way, in no particular order and also in the order of how it is presented.

The works are meant to brew, to be revisited, to be imbibed over and over.”

“The poetry comes from deep in the mind of Mr. Bautista, it is not easy to fathom. That is why I found it useful to latch on certain keywords, the more difficult or obscure
to my knowledge the better as starting points.

This zine project was a challenge which presented an opportunity to learn.”

“Having time to work digitally and doing background online research during
the pandemic gave methe ability to tackle the work with a fervour and interest I may normally not have during non-abnormal times.

The Web, Apple’s Keynote, Google and Yahoo search, old books, old personal photographs, and a love and understanding of the Filipino experience were my most important tools in creating this zine.”