“The project opened new doors for me to explore a lot of things. I started with metaphors and ideas, how paint expresses frustration, nostalgia, anger
and confusion, the lines showing us how we are all connected, yet divided,
the newspaper which mirrored our progress are also windows of selective perception, the shapes that allow us to fill the gaps are the same
that allow us to ask questions.”

Alexandra Regina Morales is an artist and freelance architect based in Manila.
In 2017, she graduated from the College of St. Benilde with a degree in architecture. Regina has been involved in several exhibitions including “Poster Project” at the Prism Gallery (2017,) “Digital Artisans,” Manila FAME 2019 and The Authenticity Zero Collective, Gateway Gallery in 2019. She collaborated with the Center
for Campus Art for “Architecture=Durable” (2016) and “Benilde@30” (2018.)