“As much as I love to read, reading Cirilo Bautista was definitely a challenge. It wasn’t something I could read and absorb in one sitting. I had to let the thoughts and words linger in my head for a while before realizing his metaphors and emotions of frustration and sadness. He was a true genius.

His text was allegorical. It opened new doors for me and meant a lot of things, which excited me.
At first, I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but suddenly I knew that it felt right. I was already making something and everything started to make sense, similar to finding the corner pieces
of a jigsaw puzzle.”

“My head started making metaphors and ideas. The paint started to express frustration, nostalgia, anger and confusion; the lines that show us how we are all connected are the same lines that let us stay divided.

Newspapers which mirror our progress are also windows of selective perception; shapes that allow us to fill and miss the gaps are the same shapes that allow us to ask questions. The pleasure of making illustrations for Cirilo Bautista was all mine.”

“It took me a while to finish the text, and I was thinking how I wanted to let others experience Cirilo Bautista through me. I had many ideas and art styles I wanted to try but somehow, nothing seemed to suit the emotions Bautista expressed, until after several tries, I found the perfect match for the intense emotions and passions he wrote.”

“The project offered a lot of opportunities for me. I had the chance to try some other art styles and along the way, found myself trying different styles,
mediums and methods. I was forced to make things work and curate a new routine for me to make art.My tools were acrylic paints, permanent markers, old newspaper, sticker paper, pens and glue.”