“I thought early on not to directly interpret Cirilo Bautista’s poems by literally translating the lines into two-dimensional artworks. I decided not to lift
the contained images in the poems and land them as compositional elements
in the artworks. I wanted to have my own intimate interpretation through
my understanding of his poetry by writing poems out of this interpretation
and in turn, use these to explore and develop the artworks.
Cirilo Bautista’s poems acted as the grandfather to the art.”


Nel Banaag provokes through art, design and architecture that is grounded on exploration and discovery.

His work continually fluctuates, beating here and there to blaze trails for new horizons, rediscovering and probing the more primordial and elemental;
a grain of sand, a blade of grass, the impalpable span of all the breath.

He pursues art, architecture, sculpture and design by its experience as an unbounded realm through predicated speculation
to bring out articulated images, forms, objects and spaces.