“The auditory element of my piece is a way to offer parts
of personal history. QR codes direct you to an existing playlist and songs I was listening to on Spotify. This will help
the viewer experience moments in time
while I was making the zine.”
Miguel Infante is a copywriter and filmmaker by profession, with a degree in Digital Film from the College of Saint Benilde. Since 2013, he has been trained in traditional art such as charcoal, graphite, and acrylic but his main artistic expression is through video. His approach to the zine reflects his influences from graphic novels
and storyboards.

“My visual interpretation coincides with the broken-linear storytelling that I received while studying his poetic vernacular. It shows the story of a person that lives
in manifested chaos, inevitable within the metro. He only finds clarity by returning
to the roots of his heritage, nature and simplicity.”