“As an artist, I don’t want to merely illustrate what the text is about, nor to show or visualize what Cirilo Bautista’s words are in pictures. As respect to his significant world-making through words, I wanted to have a new relationship with him through new visuals, a new world-making. I came up with Crackling for a Piece of the Moon, 2020. The work talks about history and memory, its ambiguous state connecting the present and the future and the complexities that it constructs, and interrelating it to the objects found – old photographs of my grandparents. I found them several years ago and kept scans, not the front images but the back sides, “tablets of time” as Bautista would describe, the “the landscape of people’s desires.”


Mark Salvatus lives and works in Manila, Philippines. Calling his overall artistic practice as Salvage Projects is based on the word salvage which is also the meaning of his surname.

Mark’s preoccupations are based on his constant movements and travels – coming from the countryside to the city, addressing and building new imaginations of the contemporary urban, the glocal migrant, and the vernacular historiographies. One aspect of his practice is about collecting that forms part of a series, making works from drawings, paintings, videos, installations, photography and participatory projects. He also runs Load na Dito projects with Mayumi Hirano.