“As a reaction to the assigned pages, I focused and concentrated on extracting
the physicality of the texts rather than base it on interpretations to formulate translations. This allowed me to take notice of the silences expressed through punctuation marks. I also noticed that these punctuations and Bautista’s deliberate attempts at producing ‘quatrain spillages’ contain thoughts in themselves
and add to the body of the composition.“

Mariah Concepcion is an architect working with themes such as human embodiment, perception and new approaches to spatial translations. In 2017, she completed architecture
at the College of Saint Benilde with an Honorable Mention. Mariah is working with 90 Design Studio and The Authenticity Zero Collective on projects that attempt to demystify realities, construct non-representational articulations that probe the status of art, and transcend embodied experiences into tangible outputs. She is also a collaborator for
The Human Front, a philosophy website based in London.