“When plans for the exhibit came, I was thrilled for the opportunity to revisit it, and relieved that Bautista’s obra maestra might have a more capable reader this time around. I was floored. To witness an artist with such a profound mastery of language retell parts of the Filipino story on such an intimate, human level moved me. Bautista’s epical voice and scope set the stage for a striking, distinctly personal meditation on history. I wasn’t ready for how much it touched me.”


Hello, I’m Jackie Cruz. I study architecture in CSB and have been for the past three years. I’ve been accepted into SCI-Arc in California, where I plan to carry on with the rest of my undergrad career. Very excited!

Graphic design and illustration are among my personal passions. My experience in both is little, but diverse. I’ve done material for small boutiques, gyms, children’s books, NGOs, as well as my family’s own architecture firm. I’ve always been an avid lover of literature, growing up it has been one of my many obsessions.

Reading Bautista was personally, very special. To witness an author at such a level of technical skill reclaim our history in a manner so intimate and spiritual was very special. Beyond thrilled to work with everyone here!