Responding to Bautista’s text are architecture and multimedia arts students Jackie Cruz, Tracie Bejar, Bea Carague, Kevin Nuñez, Aaron Yu, Janelle Gan, Emilio Tenorio, Gelo Fabian, Marco Ajero and Enrique Masia. Using the concept of
Text as Image, the students design a “House of Words,”
a reimagining of the Bautista abode in Mayon St., Quezon City using architectonic volumes
and text from the Saint Lazarus Trilogy.

Cirilo Bautista with wife, Ar. Rose Marie Bautista.

Photo from the Daily Tribune

The home of Cirilo Bautista in Kanlaon St., where his widow, Rose Marie,
seen waving to a guest, presently lives with their daughter Ria. Rose,
an architect and educator, was the first Dean
of Benilde’s School of Design and Arts.

The house is the inspiration for the “House of Words,”
an installation that will form part of the Benilde CCA exhibit
“The Trilogy of Saint Lazarus.”

Design and text by Dianne Grace Consignado and Thea Torres