“I had to go over Cirilo Bautista’s words a good few times. His words were difficult
to interpret any other way so i opted to take them literally, on a visual basis. My work
is almost like doing editorial cartooning. As it’s already poetry,
illustrating them seemed pretty laid out for me.“


Gringo Benedicto is an illustrator and a muralist from Bacolod. Pre-covid, he splits his time between Bacolod and Siargao. Graduating from the Institute for Culinary Arts – University of St La Salle Bacolod in 2009, he juggles working in the kitchen and working as an artist. He has had 2 solo shows at The House of Frida Gallery in Bacolod and has done murals in different parts of the country.

His work can be found on Instagram under the hashtag #gringograss.