“Acknowledging the achievements of our National Artist for Literature Cirilo Bautista
is a celebration of the highest potential of a fellow Filipino. I admired how Bautista realized this and raised himself to create his body of work. For my visuals, I extracted elements from the text, its meaning, and understanding what a zine could be.
My work constitutes symbols that best represent the narrative,
the act of withdrawal, and its emotional tone. I want the viewer to see my work more as more information than image in conveying the puzzling yet intriguing act
of reading Cirilo Bautista’s ‘Telex Moon.’”


Gabby Rosario is an architecture assistant and aspiring creative advocate.

He graduated in 2019 from the College of Saint Benilde. His work includes architectural production, as well as photography, and graphic design.
His field of interest revolves around the structure of experience and semiotics
in our activities and the built environment. In his free time, he expands his learnings on regional work, architectural tools, design, and peculiar places.