“Acknowledging the achievements of our National Artist for Literature Ciril Bautista is a celebration
of the highest potential of a fellow Filipino. I admired how Bautista realized his potential
and his capacity to raise himself to create a body of work.

For my visuals, I extracted elements from the text, its meaning, and Cirilo Bautista.
And understanding what a zine could be. My work constitutes symbols that best represent
the narrative, the act of withdrawal, and its emotional tone. I want the viewer to see my work more
as information than image in conveying the puzzling yet intriguing act of reading
Cirilo Bautista’s ‘Telex Moon.’”

“I was challenged to understand the metaphors implied in Bautista’s work. I needed to research beyond what was written to grasp its robust narrative. School ended when I graduated and I find it intimidating to continue defining my voice. I aspire to advocate values in arts and design and I admit
that there is also frustration in pursuing a career.

The pandemic and the lockdown gave me time to research and ponder on the writings assigned.
Telex Moon provided me context related to our history and influenced me to embrace setbacks
as means of building up skills and sharpening our sense of purpose.”