“The visual idiosyncrasies of the zine are a direct translation of the structure of ‘Telex Moon.’ I wanted to isolate his words with space or distance. I was also thinking about how to bring forth this image of a ‘house of memory’ which precisely describes “Telex Moon.” It resulted in utilizing cubic voids or punctures that act as an initial or final punctuation before or after you read the quatrains. The cubic voids serve as a relief or support, a space for the reader to contemplate the memory inscribed in each quatrain.”


Gabriel Luis Nolasco Brioso is an artist/architect based in Metro Manila, Philippines. In 2017, he graduated Cum Laude
from De La Salle – College of St. Benilde’s (DLS-CSB) BS-Architecture program.

His work operates on the central theme of exploring the intersections of art, architecture, craft, and design. Gab has been involved in several noteworthy exhibitions including
“The Oxymoron of Patterns” at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (2015), The 16th Venice Architecture Biennale (2018), and the Authenticity Zero Collective at the Gateway Gallery in Cubao (2019). He has collaborated with DLS-CSB’s Center for Campus Art (CCA) on several exhibitions including the re-curation of “The Oxymoron of Patterns” (2016), “Architecture=Durable” (2016), and “Naichayu” (2017).

Gabriel Brioso continues to work on his personal creative research working with local artists and architects to further develop his ideas. His compilation of works can be viewed in his online portfolio, his Instagram account: @gabbriosoarch.”