“Reading Bautista, particularly ‘Telex Moon,’ is a contradiction of encounters, like charting a porous container or a solid void. As one reads through the lines he/she is caged by quatrains containing
a collective memory that Bautista tries to bring forth.The syllabic rhythm of the cuts of the verse impedes and guides you as you make your way to the next quatrain.

The visual idiosyncrasies of the zine are a direct translation of the structure of ‘Telex Moon.’ I wanted
to isolate his words with space or distance. I was also thinking about how to bring forth this image
of a ‘house of memory’ which precisely describes “Telex Moon.” It resulted in utilizing cubic voids
or punctures that act as an initial or final punctuation before or after you read the quatrains. The cubic voids serve as a relief or support, a space for the reader to contemplate
the memory inscribed in each quatrain.

The nature of my work is heavily rooted in being invisible. I understood that my role was not to interpret ‘Telex Moon’ but to emphasize what it’s doing or what it attempts to bring forth. I wanted to withdraw from exerting external presence into the zine, giving more room for Bautista’s text to surface.
In the end, I am a strong believer that art can take a life of its own, external to its creator after
it is conceived or made and I encourage people to interact however they want with this zine.”

“The vision of voids came instantaneous to me as I read Bautista’s text but the challenge came in its translation. I began to think how to manifest this immaterial memory and create not a presence but an awareness or a conscience of some sorts hinting that it exists.”

The structure of ‘Telex Moon’ was relatively straightforward because of Bautista’s use of the quatrain. But when one reads into it deeper, he/she is confronted by a series of complex textual scenes
and aphorisms. These cues allowed me to dig deeper into the poetic relationship
of the text and the space that its rhythm creates.

The COVID-19 situation gave me the time to work astutely on this project on a conceptual
and theoretical level although certain things that could polish my work such as printing and prototyping were not accessible to me during the time.Most of the work done is through digital tools.
I find it intriguing how contextual the digital space is for an object constructed with words.