“For my visual elements, I drew out lines that gave a visceral feeling. The lines were all drawn on paper then rendered digitally. The imagery just acts as a supplement to the subtleties of the text. I want its effect to be varied for the viewers. To be seen differently depending on the event it is viewed / read.”


Ev Yu is a Manila based visual artist and zine maker. Her main medium is watercolor on paper. Most of her inspirations are from graphic design and print. Because machine intervention can create many accidental techniques, layering of colors and misprints, the precision of the machine is difficult to duplicate manually. Attempting to replicate this, creates looser, miscalculated and fluid forms. This process of manual duplication, using watercolor as her favorite primer to most of her recent works.

Her choice of imagery is based on experimental narratives. Most of them are a combination of static and kinetic forms, like the combination of landscape images with motion.
The end result is abstract forms arranged in comic book sequence.