“Yung una po medyo nahirapan ako kay Cirilo kasi aaminin ko di talaga ako magaling umintindi agad ng malalalim na English. Tapos ayun naging ok naman ng pinaulit ulit ko basahin tapos nagpatulong ako sa mga kaibigan ko na mas lalo ko pang maintindihan ang mga babasahin.

(I admit that I found it difficult at first to understand Cirilo because of the level
of his English. In the end, it helped that I reread his text and also asked help
from my friends to help me understand the words more.)”


Dr. Karayom is a visual artist who uses storytelling to entice the viewers of his works. Using daily life and past experiences, he weaves lines and shapes using red as a primary color to strike something familiar yet fresh; red that shows gore, humor, and the truth that resides inside both the pieces and the one looking at them. It becomes a mirrorof one’s self, society, and everything in between.

Dr. Karayom is an alter ego, he is someone normal like us, someone who can shake us up to penetrate the façade that we put up every day.
In 2018, he painted one of the stairwells of Benilde’s School of Design and Arts with the mural “Hindi Tutoo.”