“I tried dismantling the Romantic first-person voice of The Archipelago and actively sought to erode and superscribe Bautista’s grand gestures to mean and enact yet another master narrative, disassembling the poem’s oratorical flourish and affectations
of modernist lyricism and all labor toward Allegory and History.

What I wanted to achieve was something far less rhetorical and hermeneutic, far less eloquent, the exact opposite of epic and monument, something way more minor,
more dispersed, more ephemeral and interstitial, more ‘pelagic’, and something that finally conjures a seemingly archival and littoral sedimentation.”


Cristian Tablazon works across moving image, mixed media, installation, and text. His works have been shown at the Seattle Center Armory (US), The Wrong Biennale,
Czong Institute for Contemporary Art Museum (KR), Spaceppong (KR), PHotoESPAÑA, B#Side War (IT), Artspeak (CA), Image Forum Festival (JP), and the Vargas Museum (PH), among others. He co-runs Nomina Nuda, a small nonprofit independent platform and exhibition space in Los Baños, Laguna, PH.
He is also a member of the Film Desk of the Young Critics Circle.