“Reading Telex Moon has reacquainted me with reading long poetry as I am more inclined to reading non-fiction or art related literature lately. It was a lovely experience
getting to know the writer through this work.

I read each page multiple times and just let the words resonate with what I was thinking about, feeling, or seeing in the moment. The writing is very descriptive but it also allows you to create your own narratives within, and that’s what I did. It’s not so much about interpreting what I read but using
the flow of thought and words guide my imagination.

I want the viewers to see my work as a creative output that is inspired by Telex Moon
and not necessarily an interpretation of it. My body of work as a visual artist is heavily connected
to the written text, some more obvious than others. I hope viewers can sense
that even in just seeing this particular artwork.”

“The main challenge in my art making in general is finding time and space (literal and mental) to create. As an artist who is also a mother and wife, having to do housework
has always been a circumstance that is sometimes a hindrance or an excuse. Most of my recent works are small scale because I don’t have a dedicated workspace in our small apartment.

In choosing to do embroidery on found textile, I was able to bring what I’m working on in different areas of our house or even in our apartment building’s communal rooftop.
The process of sewing also provided me time to focus on the task at hand and the distraction from the daily causes of anxiety.”

“As with many artists, the pandemic has caused anxiety and the fear of our uncertain future on top
of our precarious state. But the prospect of having this option of creating art instead of obsessing over how bad our situation is, has been a breather and an opportunity to feel connected with fellow artists who are also trying to survive and creating art.”