“I want the viewers to see that words can form a universe. My work was an attempt in expressing freedom and dynamism coexisting within the blank space of time.
By using repetitive line patterns and sequences, it enabled me to represent tangible and intangible elements from the written work. Interesting intersections achieved from the entanglement of lines were rendered in red
in order to signify rebirth of new forms.”

Charles Mañez is an architect from Las Piñas City with a degree from the University of Santo Tomas (UST.) In 2014, he was a contributor at Shelter Magazine.
From 2014-2015, he became a Certified Heritage Mapping Volunteer in Wikimedia Philippines’ Cultural Heritage Mapping Program where he wrote articles
and mapped heritage structures across the country. He is presently pursuing his MA in Cultural Heritage Studies at the UST Graduate School and is currently affiliated with the Design Center of the Philippines and United Architects of the Philippines
as an exhibition designer and Deputy Director for Programs, respectively.