“I am thankful to Ar. Walther and Ar. Gab who paved the way for me to be immersed with the work
of Cirilo Bautista. Back when I was a member of Thomasian Writers Guild, I used to write poems
and short stories whenever I’m experiencing deep connection with my surroundings.

I write long sentences per phrase. I maximize hyphens, commas, and other punctuation marks because I also speak fast. I feel that I write the way I speak. However, this “style” made me conscious of the fact that I saw how other writers seem to express their thoughts using less words.”

“That’s why I am delighted when I saw Cirilo Bautista’s work because it felt free, unrestraint. I felt vindicated. The words just kept flowing from one phrase unto the next. He was able to sustain emotions and add flavor to the life of the characters.”

“My work was an attempt in expressing freedom and dynamism coexisting within the blank space of time. By using repetitive line patterns and sequences, it enabled me to represent tangible and intangible elements from the written work.

Interesting intersections achieved from the entanglement of lines were rendered in color red in order to signify rebirth of new forms.”

“The challenge to this project was how will I able to get into the groove of doing it. We can’t deny that anxiety levels start to peak especially in these trying times. Also, I sometimes felt that interpreting these words may hamper the original intent of Cirilo to his audience.

I want the viewers to see that words can form a universe.

The project offered the opportunity to find “refuge” while doing it. I felt like I’m tapping my undergraduate days when I was still free from responsibilities and accountability. I felt happy that this opportunity of interpreting Cirilo’s work started from an Instagram art / passion project I started during this pandemic.

“This pandemic surprisingly made me explore more my creative process. I love doodling random lines in my old books and notebooks, but I want to execute it on my computer, so that I don’t have to switch places whenever I’m doing it while I attend to my day job.

For tools, I started doodling with graphing paper and PILOT Hi-Tecpoint V5 Blue and Red pens. Then, I shifted to AutoCAD and Adobe Photoshop.”