“One of my friends commented that Bautista loves to show how much of an erudite he is. I guess one
of the challenges was sifting through the vocabulary and finding out which words are words and which ones are “beats” or “sound” since they have a specific music to it, at least in my head, for lack of a better term.
Most of my time was spent highlighting and researching words and footnotes that led to historical references, people, events, and myths that give the reader more depth to what “Telex Moon” is trying to say.
It was like an archaeological study trying to understand what this prophetic artifact meant.”


AK Ocol is a self-taught artist based in Las Pinas City who works with a variety of media including contemporary drawing and video. She graduated from De La Salle University with a degree in Psychology and pursued her graduate degree in Fine Arts at the Philippine Women’s University where she currently teaches Contemporary Art Theory
and New Media. She is also one of the finalists of the 2019 Mullenlowe NOVA Awards Manila.

Her drawing process includes the application and understanding of digital and technological glitches and image generators as a form of critique of histories, institutionalised narratives, and how they are transmitted. The result of those drawings involves deconstructed images and the shifting possibilities of their meanings. She relates this process to how she is personally interested in investigating representation and queer experiences.